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Home Jurnal Tahun 2012 Perbedaan Perilaku Pemberian Makanan

Perbedaan Perilaku Pemberian Makanan

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Penerbit        : Media Bina Ilmiah Mataram

Volume          : Vol.6 No.4, Juni 2012

ISSN            : ISSN 1978-3787

Judul           :
Perbedaan Perilaku Pemberian Makanan Oleh Ibu Yang Memiliki Anak Balita Gizi Buruk Dengan Gizi Baik Di Wilayah Kerja Puskesmas Pringgasela Kabupaten Lombok Timur Tahun 2012

Penulis         : IGM Geria Jelantik

Institusi       : Univ. Nusa Tenggara Barat

Abstrak        :

Health development is an integreted part of national development in which to realize nation prosperity. High number of infant and children mortality is a common characteristic which is infunced by under nutrition and malnutrition. Malnutrition gives bad impact not only for younger but also for all aged. Samples of the study is mother of malnutrition children under five by accidental sampling method base on case (Notoatmodjo, 2002). There are 30 mothers of malnutrition children under five taken as samples and other samples that is mother of good nutrition taken by simple random sampling. Based on statistic test by using Wilcoxon Signed Test toward mothers ‘ knowledge, attitude and practice who have malnutrition children under five and mothers’ knowledge, attitude and practice who have good nutrition is the same got p value = 0,000 on a 0,05 (significance) meant there was a different between knowledge, attitude and practice on feding between mothers who have malnutrition children under five and mothers who have good nutrition in the working area of Pringgasela Public Health Center. In preventing malnutrition suspect at Pringgasela Public Health Center nutrition is not only focus on increasing body weight but also counseling, counselling about nutrition problem toward parents and family of malnutrition children under five is done to develop knowledge of mother and family about nutrition.

Key Words : Knowledge, Attitude, Practice , Feeding and nutrition status

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